• Image of The Witching Hour SUPERFAN PACK!!! (Pre-order)

We are recording a new album. Instead of using the usual crowd-funding platforms we've used in the past, we're doing the campaign ourselves via Big Cartel.

This is the option that money was invented for and will get you:

A Witching Hour Campaign T-Shirt

A CD signed by the band. We will also print your name in the booklet as a 'thank you' for helping to fund it.

A digital copy of the album (320kbps MP3s) plus any related digital bonus tracks.

An exclusive and individually numbered CDR full of demos that won't be released anywhere else.

A Signed poster

A signed photo

An artwork postcard

A badge

A sticker

The album is being recorded and you will receive your order as soon as possible. This was planned to be in February 2021, but has been delayed due to Coronavirus restrictions. It's looking like summer now. We will keep you updated via e-mail and also on social media.